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Go bowling in some outrageous locations

3D Bowling is a free Android bowling simulator, where you can go bowling in an array of weird and wonderful locations.

There are five different bowling lanes to choose from, each with five different balls available. Apart from the default one, the lanes in 3D Bowling aren't particularly realistic - there's a road, a haunted graveyard, a disco, and a theater. That said, they help to make the bowling action more fun.

In terms of its gameplay, 3D Bowling is a bit hit and miss. The controls are very simple - just position the ball with your finger then flick upwards to launch it at the pins. It isn't very responsive, however, and sometimes you need to flick a few times just to move the ball. The physics of the ball in 3D Bowling aren't very realistic either.

3D Bowling's graphics are dazzling and there are some great backgrounds. The sound effects need work, though - the pins make a noise when you hit them, but there's no sound when the ball is running along the ground.

There are lots of stats about all your games, which keeps you coming back to try and beat your best. However, 3D Bowling is crying out for a two-player mode in order to improve its longevity.

Having the choice of different locations is great fun, but ultimately 3D Bowling is a pretty mediocre arcade bowling sim.

Added online leader board of total scores. Now you can compete with players all over the world


  • Added online leader board of total scores. Now you can compete with players all over the world


  • Choice of weird and wonderful lanes
  • Good background graphics
  • Stats section


  • Poor ball physics
  • Release control is often unresponsive


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3D Bowling


3D Bowling 3.2 for Android


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